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The work of ASF has been recognized by the international bodies like Buckingham Palace, Amnesty International, World Health Organisation (WHO), Americans for UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund), UN Human Rights Council and the World’s Children’s Prize Foundation which is considered as children’s Nobel Prize.
World Children Prize - 2011 2011 Human Rights Prize of the
French Republic
Democracywatch has awarded the Executive Director of Acid Survivors Foundation, Ms. Monira Rahman as a women achiever-2011 for her dedicated humanitarian work for acid survivors.
Seeing the success of Bangladesh many country like Pakistan, India, Nepal, Cambodia and Uganda have also taken similar initiatives to combat acid violence. ASF runs a 20-bed licensed hospital specialized for acid and burn violence victims, which is fully equipped for standard burn care services including plastic and reconstructive surgery, though in a very low-resourced set up. Since an overwhelming majority of the victims are impoverished, the ASF Hospital offers completely free services benefitting around 700 acid victims annually (including survivors from previous years).
ASF has provided treatment, education and rehabilitation opportunities to a large number of survivors. Many victims are now professionally active in ASF itself and beyond. Survivors are represented in the governing body of ASF. They are now in leading positions in ASF management and program implementation. ASF has also transformed many ‘survivors’ into ‘survivor ambassadors’ who function as a platform for a collective voice to demand justice, protect rights, and act as an agent for prevention and integration into family and the society. Victim of an acid attack living in remote rural places now have access to psychosocial support from these ‘survivor ambassadors’.