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Governance and Management

The Board of Trustees of Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) is the apex body of the Foundation. The Executive Director of the Foundation is an ex-officio non voting member of the board. The board of trustees is responsible for policy making and defining vision and mission of the Foundation and providing leadership and guidance for carrying out its plans, programs and activities. The board approves the annual activities plan, budget, annual report and audited financial statements.

There is an Executive Committee as an organ of the board to pursue and carry out the activities of the Foundation and attain its objectives. ASF has divided its operations into four major Departments called;

1. Program

2. Medical and Hospital Services

3. Planning & Development and

4. Operational Management.

Under the program department there are two functional units’ viz., Prevention advocacy and Lobby, and survivors support services. All the departments are headed by the respective heads. The organizational structure is flat and informal, the Executive Director, department heads and unit managers can communicate informally and can quickly react to perceive opportunities, set goals, plan and decide strategies. Authority is delegated all over the organizations and even down to the level of officers. The departments and units are determined by their functions and relationship with other departments and units.The employees are assigned duties and responsibilities through their job description. The organization structure encompasses the departments and units to support management capabilities, coordinate operations within and across the unit boundaries and encourage downward delegation. A replica of the present approved organizational structure.

List of BOT


Advocate Fawzia Karim Firoze

Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers' Association



Mr. A. K. Masood Ahmed
Retd. UN Official

Ex-officio Member

M.  Golam Abbas
Member, Board of Trustee &
Executive Director,a.i

Founder Member

Mr. Kazi Fazlur Rahman
Former Secretary
Presidential Advisor of the Interim Government of Bangladesh


 M. Golam Abbas
      Former Country Representative 
      UN Refugee Agency - UNHCR in Bangladesh 

02. Dr. Julia Ahmed
      Executive Director, (Honorary)
      Nova Consultancy Bangla

03. Professor Momotaz Begum
      Chairman, Jatiyo Mohila Sangstha

04. Mahbuba Haque Kumkum
      Program Manager Ritu
05. U. M Habibun Nessa
      Member, Naripokkho

06Ms. Zakia K Hassan
      Executive Director
      DIPTO-A Foundation For Gender & Development

07. Ms. Nina Goswami 
      Senior Deputy Director
      Ain o Salish Kendra

08. Feroza Begum, PhD
      General Secretary of Women for Women
09. Mr. M A Wahab
      General Manager (Finance)
      Oriental Group

10. Ms. Nomita Halder
      Baptist Mission Integrated School

11. Mr. Shafiqul Alam Kiron
      Co-Founder of Map Photo Agency