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How to Donate

Thank you for your interest in ASF! We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about acid violence. 

Why donate?

Acid violence is one of the most heinous gender-based crimes in Bangladesh. ASF has made it our mission to address acid violence from every angle—from firstline medical treatment and surgery to psychosocial counseling to legal counsel and advocacy, ASF is a partner in every step of the rehabilitation process. Without the financial contributions of our supporters, we would not be able to provide the services needed by survivors. ASF is the only holistic acid and burn care facility in Bangladesh, equipped to deal with the entire lifecycle of acid crime, from medial treatment to legal matters.  For survivors, we are a lifelong lifeline that they can and do use as a support system during every stage of their rehabilitation. ASF is almost entirely funded by grants and donations. Donations to ASF are integral to operations here, and allow us to be one of the few holistic burn care centers in the world. Donations show your support for our cause, and encourage us to develop our capacities and scale. Join us in our efforts to end acid violence and in making a better Bangladesh for survivors to live in, free from stigma and prejudice.

Where will my money go?

Donations to ASF help us provide a number of services to our survivors  from medical services like surgery and physical therapy, to psychosocial counseling, to legal counsel and advocacy activities. Most funds will go to the financial assistance of survivors and their families as they pursue education and/or employment skills.

In some cases, specific requests for where donations go can be honored (e.g., to providing education funds for survivors) though by and large, this is not our policy. 

To Donate Nationally : Please issue cheques in the name of the Acid Survivors Foundation and post your contribution to the attention of: Executive Director, Acid Survivors Foundation, Plot # A/5, Block # A ,CRP Building : 5th & 6th floor, Mirpur - 14, Dhaka - 1206 , Bangladesh. Or You can directly deposit to the following bank account: Account No: 02-1702483-03 Account Name: Acid Survivors Foundation Bank: Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Branch: Any Brunch (Online Banking)

Zakat Fund : ASF ensures that all 'Zakat' donations will directly benefit survivors of acid violence. Received funds is disbursed to survivors on the basis of their financial need.

Please feel free to contact us for any further query: Phone: +880  9678777148, +880 9678777149  or email: asf@acidsurvivors.org

To Donate Internationally:
Please download and filling up the " FORM FC—2 and Letter of Intent"
"Form FC-2" and "Letter of Intent" are necessary to get permission from Bangladesh Government for clearing any foreign remittance. Without the Government’s permission it is not possible for the bank to finalize the transaction and they will return the money to the remitting bank.

Guideline for Filling up the form FC-2 and Letter of Intent

1.Who should fill this form? – The person / organization that is making the donation. (The remitting bank details should match).

2.How to fill up this form / what’s most important? :

a) Personal or organizational details must be filled up properly and this information must match with the name of the remitting bank Account Name.
b) The signed (by the original remitter) and scanned form must be sent to the following address:
c) Please write down the amount you like to donate and then sign accordingly. Acid Survivors Foundation, Plot # A/5, Block # A ,CRP Building : 5th & 6th floor, Mirpur - 14, Dhaka - 1206, Bangladesh. or E-mail: asf@acidsurvivors.org

We appreciate your willingness for helping the Acid Survivors Foundation and we are able to do what we are doing because of friends like you besides us.

Account Name: Acid Survivors Foundation
Account Number: 02-1702483-02
Name of Bank: Standard Chartered Bank
Main Branch 67, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan Dhaka-1212 Bangladesh.
Telegrams: STANCHART
Telex: 671154, 675859
*Please note that, this remittance detail is only for foreign bank transfer.