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  • Our alliance and unity can prevent acid terrorism

Research Advocacy and Prevention

ASF is dedicated to raising awareness of acid violence and making acid violence an urgent public concern. ASF began to campaign against the crime of acid throwing. ASF’s general strategy is to implement its programs through a large network of national and local partners.

Theater can be a strong means of social change if it sustains the aesthetics and is part of an advocacy process. ASF is in the process of developing a theater team comprised of acid survivors. This team is producing dramas on different aspects of acid violence. They have experienced unimagined responses from their audiences. Many theater activists, photographers, singers, and film activists who saw the drama later got involved in different ways with the movement against acid violence.

ASF proactively keeps the public informed about acid violence and lobbies the government to take effective steps against acid violence.

ASF collects information on acid-violence-related issues in a resource and documentation center and carries out research and studies on acid violence related issues. It provides information to media journalists and researchers as well as in press conferences and newsletters. It works with existing and potential local and national partners to build up strong prevention networks against acid violence, and develops effective campaign tools like posters, leaflets, TV and radio spots, public dramas etc. It also meets with relevant government bodies and updates them with background information and statistics.

ASF is a part of the White Ribbon Campaign for men and boys. The theme for this event is “We Make This Vow: No More Violence Against Women and Girls.”

Advocacy & Lobby
The majority of the acid violence incidents take place in the very remote areas of the country where the medical facilities are in general very poor. But a series of proper immediate actions is the key to making the acid burns less disastrous. Therefore ASF initiated a program to provide training/orientation to nurses and doctors on immediate burn management at the local level in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, local civil surgeons and officers.

It is a challenge for ASF to mobilize government resources for the betterment of acid survivors. The government Department of Social Welfare has already put in place a program for acid survivors.ASF also organized daylong meetings between the DACC, local government officials and civil society. This was to raise awareness, focus on implementation of laws, address acid users and ensure the availability of support services at the grassroots level.

ASF continuously works to build the capacity of local level NGOs. ASF organizes orientation for local NGOs. Several partners play a range of roles with ASF and ASF arranges workshops to build the capacity of the partner’s staff especially in handling acid violence cases.

With the help of different individual supporters and commercial sector ASF awarded several acid survivors for their success in the process of reintegration to the mainstream society.

To aid the survivors in opening up themselves and exploring their potential as well as finding the gaps between the needs of the survivors and the services available for them; ASF was successful in gathering hundreds of survivors and their family members in a workshop.