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Students Against Acid Violence
ASF has been implementing nationwide school and college campaigns through a network of students to promote zero tolerance to violence against women and protect the rights of acid survivors. Through ASF’s Survivors Network Program campaigns have been implemented in 46 schoools in Bogura, Sirajgonj, Gazipur, Narsingdi, and Comilla with the participation of 8,559 students and more than 100 teachers. The campaigns raised awareness on why attacks take place, the consequences of such attack, what to do immediately after an attack, and the services that victims are entitled to from the Government and other NGOs. American International School Dhaka (AISD) through their service learning provides an opportunity for students to give back and make a difference to the lives of those in need in Bangladesh. AIS-D stands strongly behind its vision statement of ‘preparing students to become stewards of just and sustainable world’. AISD students often visit ASF to spend time with the survivors. AIS-D has also arranged field trips for survivors to visit their school where the students arranged various recreational activities for the survivors including sports, movies, arts and crafts.
‘We hesitate to come out when we have a simple scar in our face while these survivors have to roam around with disfigurement rest of their life. We can’t imagine their suffering. Yet, the courage that they show not to give up but stand against all hurdles and win is truly inspiring. I have learnt a lot from working with them and look forward to be a part in my future life.’
Leena Dayal, A-ISD “
Acid violence is a horrible act, there are some people in our society who have been involved in illegal activities and commit this horrible crime. We should ensure that people in our society are aware of the damaging effect of this act and that the perpetrators face legal consequences. If the perpetrators face correct punishment others will not dare to commit this crime. We can save our society from this horrendous crime”
Rahima Aktar
Azifa Khatun Highschool (Muradangar,Commilla)
Stars Against Acid Throwers (SAAT)
The Celebrities could be role models for the youth in a society .They could leave a profound impact on beliefs, attitudes, and behavior patterns of the young populace. So, their social responsibilities are perceived to be much higher than those of general people.The ASF reformed a forum styled Star Against Acid Throwers (SAAT) in 2005.A glittering array of singers, television fiction artists, cricket players, models, and fashion designers gathered at a press conference on August 30 , 2006 to announce the launch. On the occasion, they vowed to campaign on the slogan 'Let no more face burn with acid'