• Stop Acid Violence, You Can Help.
  • Our alliance and unity can prevent acid terrorism

Wish List

What can I do to help?
You can make a real difference by becoming a friend of the Acid Survivors Foundation. We welcome individuals and organization who wish to support the work of the acid survivors Foundation. With your support we can assist more survivors and provide them with better medical care, better counseling, better rehabilitation and better long-term care.

To become a friend of the Acid survivors Foundation please fill in the attached postcard and sent it along with your contribution to the Acid survivors Foundation. All money raised will go directly to providing medicine and medical treatment for acid attack survivors and to their rehabilitation, education and training. We hope you will become a friend today.

Your support is important for Acid Survivors Foundation.

1. Donate medicines, medical equipment
2. Impart medical skills and training
3. Sponsor medical treatment at home and abroad
4. Support the expenses of a survivor and take care of medical/social needs
5. Creative employment opportunities at private and government levels
6. Give vocational training
7. Donate household items e.g. clothes, furniture, bedding, crockery etc. needed for the survivors.
8. Raise awareness about all forms of violence against women and acid throwing in your location/area